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My Book of Shadows
Basics about Wicca, Magick, Ritual, and Worship

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Welcome, and Blessed Be all who enter. This is a page devoted to my study and practice of Wicca. I hope that what is here will be helpful to those seeking answers as well as those who have not yet asked the questions.

As above, so below
As without, so within
As the Universe, so my Soul

Other Places to Go

The Witches' Voice is probably the best Wicca/Pagan resource on the web.
The NieldsWeb Home Page is home to one of the best folk-rock bands around.
Virtual Presents Send one!
The US Army Chaplain's Handbook section on Wicca is a useful resource when confronted with legal issues regarding Wicca or Witchcraft, as it is clear proof that we are a federally recognized religion.
Madame Trillian's Pagan Resource Center
I Am Pagan is a beautiful essay, and one that echoes many pagans' beliefs.
Jessica's Online Cookbook -- My online cookbook (duh) and bookstore

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